If you're looking for a cheap price for a high end printing company in Florida, look no further. Tight Designs & Printing Company of Florida offers the highest grade in business cards, postcards, door hangers, refrigeratormagnets, signs, and much more for your event.

Printing Florida

We provide Florida small business owners a form to boost prospects at a higher R.O.I. with our low cost print prices. You don't have to be in Florida to benefit of our affordable printing rates. We also ship internationally with the fast an convenient Priority Service by the USPS.

5,000 Flyers

Right now, we offer 5,000 glossy or regular postcards, both sides (front & back) printed in full color on a thick 12PT card for as little as $125. This rate does not include graphice designer costs if you want our staff of graphic designers to put together artwork for the prints (view examples).

5,000 Business Cards

For this month only, steal 5,000 UV coated or matte business cards for as little as $75. You will not find a rate so affordable for such top quality prints in Florida. All business cards are printed on both sides (front & back) printed in full color on a thick 12PT card stock. This price doesn't include graphic design expenditures if you select our staff of graphic artists to make artwork for your prints (view examples).

Same Day Printing

Tight Designs gives Same Day prints for flyers, but this price is much higher much more than next day printing or 3 day printing. Please, call us for a quote, because the price of same day prints change with the amount of prints we currently have in the queue.

Affordable Printing

To receive a greater R.O.I. you must use your promotional print such as door hangers in a strategic plan. By taking a tiny amount of time in investigating you can know specific places to target a group of potential prospects instead of passing out your promotional material to anyone you see. By investing your time into just reaching a selected few individuals who are interested in your event you cut down time wasting proceedures and investments. Plus, deal directly with potential customer. Even though every field is different, this tactic will help your Return On Investment jump by 90 percent. In these days, marketers think that the Internet is the top way for boosting leads. They instruct about SEO and how quickly info spreads via Social Media. In portion, this is fact but Printing Florida printed materials are the only way to genuinely push your organization. No one will exhibit their friends your net promo. How many times have you clicked a web promo? Now how many times have you bought an product over the internet? If that promoter utilized Google Adsense or similar marketing campaign, they had to pay Google for that click and it didn't assure them any lead or yet less a customer. No matter which field your business is in it needs aggressive - in your vision - warrior tactics to last in this economy because every business is cut-throat. The problem is that there's more to it than only blasting your area with flyers. You need to strategically station marketing material to obtain new customers. You see people on street corners passing out promo material, pamphlets on counter-tops, and business cards in your pocketbook so evidently numerous groups still believe it's an efficient way of putting out info. Strategic placements and follow-up printed material can have a large impact on the impression you have on a person. The result of advertising printed materials all depend on where you situate them and how you use them. Now that we've talked about the importance of why print material is essential, let's chat how to use prints. Some may assume that giving your commercial advertisements to as many individuals as permitted will give you many leads. As this thought might technically be correct, it can cost you more money and more stress, because this would mean you would need to print more times. This is why it's better to look at the target demographic and focus on the group of people who are really interested in your product. You will see a higher R.O.I. by advertising to only these groups of people. The following three traditional printed materials used for advertisement and how they should be used to convert at a better rate. Commercial Postcards: Putting flyers on automobile windows in a parking lot at a venue can get your business name more exposure. The best way to get views by potential clients is to look for a parking lot that contains people who would be interested in your service. So, first you must look for a venue that relates to your company field, this can boost leads by 75%. For example, a commercial daycare owner can put their advertisement postcards in a parking lot of a baby care supply store. A handyman can target a plumbing store and mechanics can look to auto-parts stores. You know your niche and you would know where your clients are if you really think about it. Business Cards: Business cards can also be a great way for leads to stay in contact with you. Contrary to postcards, you can have a big stack in your wallet at all times, for that unplanned meeting with networking opportunity. Writing your website on a piece of paper does not have the same impact, show you as leader, or give you as much authority as taking out a card with your contact information. Pamphlets: Pamphlets are best for follow-up meetings. Possibly you know of an individual that will allow you to put your pamphlets on a counter at their location. A few bullet points may give clients something to look over which will help seal the sale. Placing a brochure to a package educates while impacting the impression you have on your prospects. Printing Florida by Tight Designs & Printing Company 108 Southwest 67th Avenue Pembroke Pines FL 33023 (305) 929-3233 http://www.tightdesigns.com
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