Cheap Business Cards or Flyer Printing with Premium Quality

You do not have to sacrifice quality when looking for an affordable printing solution for your marketing. The best printing solution for the cheapest price is a print broker. Many people are afraid of working with a print broker because they don't expect a broker to deliver what is promised since they aren't the actual printing company. If you deal with a honorable print broker they will do everything in their power to make it wrong even if it means they take a loss. A print broker receives printed marketing material at a discounted price and sells it for a profit. Since the print broker doesn't have the same over-head as the actual printing company they don't have to raise the margins to stay afloat. The printing company has to pay their salespeople a commission, salary or hourly pay plus insurance, 401K and whatever else. On top of that the printing company has to pay rent, electricity, machine use, ink toner, paper, uv gloss, the list of expenses goes on an on, so they need to sell their product for much higher than a print broker would.

Aligning yourself with a trust print broker like Tight Designs will assure you that you get the best product at the lowest cost. A print broker doesn't need to sell from the same company. Experienced print brokers have a network of printing facilities that do different jobs and offer different prices. The experienced print broker will be able to know which print company to go with to get the best rate without sacrificing the quality of the printed product.

Tight Designs is a print broker with facilities in Canada and throughout the United States. By having facilities in different regions, the product is printed in the closest facility to the customer and the shipment is short, saving the customer time and money.

Not all print brokers are created equally, do you research and start small. Shop around and have a one on one meeting with the print broker. Though they might not give their sources, ask how many companies they have to work with. An experienced print broker will work with several companies to offer a wide array of printing products and services at the lowest cost.

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